Living Ayurveda Sacred Self Care and Immune Strengthening Seasonal Cleanse

A 3 week online guided Program to slow down, tune in and build your whole health! 

And because caring for each other is so very important at this can bring a friend for absolutely free!

More than ever now is time to care for ourselves, boost our immune systems, care for and connect with each other....remotely.

Luckily we have the technology to connect online!

Here in the southern hemisphere we are heading towards winter and the impending spread of COVID-19 as well as our normal winter sniffles, colds and flus.

The change of season creates vulnerability in our systems.

Autumn is the time to slow down and start to tune inward into nurturing yourself after the outward bustle and heat of Summer. It is time to nourish and strengthen your immune system before the oncoming Winter.

Let me support you on your path to greater health!

I know there is a lot of information out there about COVID-19 and it is only human to feel the worry and concern for ourselves and loved ones and for our planet as a whole.

But we must not fall into fear. Fear is a cold emotion. It is contracting, it increases our sense of isolation and it lowers our immune system by reverting our resources to producing cortisol and adrenalin. This takes energy and resources away from our digestion, the hearth of our wellness, and away from our immunity.

Now is the time to keep an open heart, stay in the mind set of gratitude and acceptance, send love to each other and connect as we can online to support each other.

If you feel that you are running from one task to another but never actually slowing done enough to hear what your body and mind need to feel good then it is time to stop. Or, perhaps you have been forced to stop as we practice more self isolation?

I invite you to use this time wisely to create more health and strength for the coming months.

Reclaim your body wisdom
Strengthen your digestion
Reduce sugar cravings
Boost and balance your energy
Ease aches and pains AND Strengthen your Immunity!

Bring a friend for free to share the joy!

And as you care for your body you'll also be helping to regenerate our beautiful Earth!

10% of proceeds for this event goes to Tree Sisters an NGO that plants trees and supports communities all over the world.

This Sacred Self Care and Immune Boosting Cleanse Program is not only about the food that we put into our mouths. Although important, food is not the full picture. Even if we eat the most fresh, organic, seasonal pure food we can still have compromised digestion and immunity when we are stressed, when our lives are too full and our lifestyle rhythms are out of whack.

For 3 weeks we will be tuning in and creating healthier rhythms and habits that will take a load off your system, reduce inflammation and boost your immunity.

My goal is to guide and support you into a place of deeper health that can last way beyond our 3 weeks together! You will feel lighter, more connected with your body and feel into how the choices that you make each day can either run your down or create lasting health!

Sound good?

And, you will not be doing it alone! Now is the time for online communities to grow and support each other!

I will support and guide you through your transition with our weekly calls, and a recipe and guide book! With our private facebook page you can connect with each other other, share your journey, be supported and celebrate your big shifts and goal kicking!

Together we can slow down, tune in and connect with our body wisdom!

Let's start the Winter Season strong, nourished and grounded!

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Feel free to call me on 0421601715 to chat and see if this is the kind of experience you are looking for.

From some past participants....

I really enjoyed this first cleanse of many to come. I love that I was supported to just do the best I could and not give myself a hard time if I deviated from the ideal. I've enjoyed tuning into the cause and effect of what I'm experiencing. I can really see that food is medicine and I've loved noticing that I run well with less food and reconnecting to my appetite rather than the clock. Thank you Jacq and I wish everyone much joy as they continue to learn more about nurturing self.


Thank you Jacq, I have loved this cleanse. Becoming more in tune with my body's rhythms and needs, eating delicious food and feeling nourished and light.This is how I want to eat and be all the time.



All Live Group Calls are in Australian Central Standard Time ( ACDT except the last one after Daylight Savings ends is in ACST)

Prep Call 2pm on Friday 27th March
Kick Off Call 10am on Monday 30th March
Mid way call 10am Monday 6th April and
Closing Call 10am Monday 13th April

All calls are recorded so you can listen at your leisure anytime!


Special Sacred Self Care and Cleanse Offer
When booking you can choose to add our Living Ayurveda Sacred Self Care Cleanse Kit to create a deeper experience.

Kit contains: 1 x copper tongue scraper; 1 x 200ml bottle Organic Black Sesame Massage Oil; 1 x 65gms Ayurvedic Cleansing and Immune Boosting Herbs to support your body.

Normally priced at $51 as part of our seasonal cleanse you can add it to your order for only $30!

(Cleanse kits can be picked up from the Aldgate Wellness Center, 3 Theodore Lane, Aldgate or posted via Aust Post with standard post charges invoiced separately. Please let me know via email if you would like your kit posted).



Say yes to slowing down and cleansing your body, and supporting 

 Tree Sisters plant more trees to heal our Earth! 


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I look forward to connecting and support your good health soon!

With love,

x Jacq