Upcoming Workshops

Ayurveda for Optimal Digestion and Energy

An afternoon of wisdom and food! 

Date : Saturday, 11th August 2018

Schedule : 10.30am - 4pm  
Lunch provided.
Please arrive 10 minutes before start time.

Workshop Includes :
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • How to create vibrant health, a lighter body and clear mind through good digestion
  • How to reduce food sensitivities and auto immune diseases 
  • Are cleanses good for everyone? 
  • Seasonal changes - best times to detox and how to do it well
  • Informative handouts and recipes to take home
  • Ghee making demonstration
  • Afternoon tea 
Location :

Om Yoga,

29 Regent St. Nrth in Adelaide City 5000 (Regent st north is at the south end of Frome Rd.)

Investment : $80


How to Book : Booking Link HERE

Or for more information call Jacq on 0421 601 715 or email hello@livingayurveda.com.au
Wisdom For Women

Creating Hormonal Balance with Ayurveda

Date : Sunday 26th August
Schedule : 9.30am - 3pm
Please arrive 10 mins prior to start time. 
Workshop Includes :
      • Understanding your body with Ayurveda.
      • How stress sabotages hormonal balance: where modern science and Ayurveda meet!
      • Ancient wisdom for modern times - how to bring Ayurvedic rhythms into your life!!
      • Learn practices for creating good digestion, metabolic health and hormonal balance
      • Creating balance now for a smooth transition through menopause (you cannot create ease and balance in your life too early!)
      • How to alleviate and prevent hormonal related conditions with Ayurvedic wisdom - painful cycles, hot flushes, heavy bleeding or skipped cycles, brain fog, insomnia, endometiroisis, osteoporosis and thyroid imbalances
      • How to stay strong and age well in our bones, breasts, thyroids and minds
      • Informative handouts and a recipe ebooklet
      • Morning tea and a delicious Ayurvedic lunch!

Location :

SHYAM - South Hobart Yoga and Meditation

14 Weld St, South Hobart

Investment : $155 single or for groups of 2 or more $125 


How to Book :


Or for more information call Jacqueline on 0421 601 715 or send an email to  hello@livingayurveda.com.au