Living Ayurveda offers private consultations to address personal health concerns.  I will work with you to tailor a treatment plan and lifestyle routine to bring balance and health to your life.   
What to expect: 
  • an Ayurvedic diagnosis including assessment of pulse, tongue, eyes, nails and detailed questions to establish your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakriti) and relevant imbalances, personal health history and family health history
  • tailoring of a personalised diet and lifestyle program with informative handouts and recipes to support you in building a daily routine for lasting health
  • other techniques that may be included in a treatment plan are meditation, breathing practices (pranayama), or a short yoga sequence 
  • to support the body on its path to greater health you may be prescribed organic herbal powders in single or compound forms, tablets, medicated wines (asavas) or oils.
Living Ayurveda uses Certified Organic and Sustainably Grown herbs and oils that are approved by the TGA (Therapeutics Goods of Australia).

Try the Ayurvedic approach for: 
  • digestive disorders: bloating; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); constipation or diarrhea; lack of appetite or reflux
  • weight loss
  • nervous system disorders: anxiety; insomnia; difficulty concentrating; depression
  • skin problems: eczema, psoriasis; rashes, acne
  • arthritis and muscular disorders such as frozen shoulder
  • hormonal imbalances and menstrual disorders: painful menstruation; excessive bleeding; lack of a menstrual cycle 
  • supporting a smooth transition through menopause and alleviating symptoms such as hot flushes, headaches, irritability
  • tiredness and adrenal exhaustion 
  • preparing for conception, prenatal and post natal care

First consultation and follow up consultation packages (conditions apply): 
Initial consultation (1 ½ - 2 hours) + first follow up consultation of 45mins for just $170  OR
Initial consulation + 2 follow up visits of 45mins each for $215
(Follow up appointment is to be taken within one month of first visit or fee is forfeited.  For the best results of working with me and learning Ayurvedic principles and practices it is beneficial to have your next consultation within 2-3 weeks of the our initial meeting. This will help you to keep your momentum of moving toward greater health!)  

Or initial consultation alone $120

Further follow up consultations 45mins $75  |  30mins $65

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Oiling the body has long been revered in Ayurveda. Now modern science confirms that the regular application of oil to the skin, oil, not lotions or creams, keep the micro-biome of the skin healthy and promotes strength of the nervous system, better functioning of the gut and digestion and better sleep!  

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic style of massage.  Long, slow and firm strokes create a grounding and calming effect for the recipient.  Circular movements around the joints stimulate the movement of energy, circulation and releases stiffness. 
Massage may be booked as an individual session, or as part of a treatment plan. 

Living Ayurveda uses the highest quality organic oils for massage treatments. 

30mins  $55|      1 hour $90     |    1 ½ Hours  $120


Shirodhara is a beautiful Ayurvedic therapy.  Incorporated into a massage, warm oil is streamed continuously across the forehead for 20mins creating a profoundly deep relaxation response.

This technique is especially useful for alleviating anxiety, insomnia or mental stress.                   

Shirodhara can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to experience deep peace or it
may be recommended as part of a treatment plan with a booking of 3 in a row.

Individual Shirodhara:

90mins includes full body massage including head and shirodhara    $180 

60min includes back, neck, and head massage and shirodhara           $150

Multiple Sessions of Shirodhara:
Three 90min sessions as part of a treatment plan   $495 
Three 60 min sessions as part of a treatment plan   $410


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Living Ayurveda workshops are designed to give you the tools for understanding your body's changing needs through each year and the different stages of your life.
It is the little habits we cultivate each day which have the power to either enhance our health or undermine it.  
Learn how to live in accordance with the seasons, your unique constitution, and how to make smarter choices in your life each day to create vibrant energy and support your evolution into a healthier, happier you!  
Living Ayurveda workshops are either a full day, or 4 hours duration and are presented in various locations in central and regional South Australia.

Included in the workshops are informative handouts and new recipes to try! 

Current topics are:                                                                                                                                                         
Ayurveda for Optimal Digestion - Saturday 11th August 2018
More info here
Wisdom For Women's Health - Finding Balance with Ayurveda - Sunday 26th August 2018
Location: SHYAM - South Hobart Yoga and Meditation, 14 Weld St, South Hobart
More info here
Coming soon: 

Ayurveda for Your Kids
Ayurveda for New Mums


Ayurveda for Optimal Digestion and Energy

An afternoon of wisdom and food! 

Date : Saturday, 11th August 2018

Schedule : 10.30am - 4pm  
Lunch provided.
Please arrive 10 minutes before start time.

Workshop Includes :
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • How to create vibrant health, a lighter body and clear mind through good digestion
  • How to reduce food sensitivities and auto immune diseases 
  • Are cleanses good for everyone? 
  • Seasonal changes - best times to detox and how to do it well
  • Informative handouts and recipes to take home
  • Ghee making demonstration
  • Afternoon tea 
Location :

Om Yoga,

29 Regent St. Nrth in Adelaide City 5000 (Regent st north is at the south end of Frome Rd.)

Investment : $80


How to Book : Booking Link HERE

Or for more information call Jacq on 0421 601 715 or email
Wisdom For Women

Creating Hormonal Balance with Ayurveda

Date : Sunday 26th August
Schedule : 9.30am - 3pm
Please arrive 10 mins prior to start time. 
Workshop Includes :
      • Understanding your body with Ayurveda.
      • How stress sabotages hormonal balance: where modern science and Ayurveda meet!
      • Ancient wisdom for modern times - how to bring Ayurvedic rhythms into your life!!
      • Learn practices for creating good digestion, metabolic health and hormonal balance
      • Creating balance now for a smooth transition through menopause (you cannot create ease and balance in your life too early!)
      • How to alleviate and prevent hormonal related conditions with Ayurvedic wisdom - painful cycles, hot flushes, heavy bleeding or skipped cycles, brain fog, insomnia, endometiroisis, osteoporosis and thyroid imbalances
      • How to stay strong and age well in our bones, breasts, thyroids and minds
      • Informative handouts and a recipe ebooklet
      • Morning tea and a delicious Ayurvedic lunch!

Location :

SHYAM - South Hobart Yoga and Meditation

14 Weld St, South Hobart

Investment : $155 single or for groups of 2 or more $125 


How to Book :


Or for more information call Jacqueline on 0421 601 715 or send an email to





Living Ayurveda offers private yoga classes, either as part of a treatment plan to support healing, or for developing or fine tuning your own yoga practice.
Private classes are 75 minutes to ascertain what your needs are, develop and practice a sequence.  Post session, you will receive an emailed sequence to follow at home.
Private session   $90

Small group sessions with a maximum of 4 people may also be booked. 
Small Group Session  $40 per person
Please note private yoga classes are currently unavailable. 

I also currently teach Yoga classes at Om Yoga in Adelaide city. 
I am a certified Level 1 Yoga Teacher with the Iyengar Association and am also interested in many styles of yoga. 


For the last five years, Living Ayurveda has co-taught a Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with Wendy Samek of Om Yoga in beautiful Byron Bay. 

Now Living Ayurveda is offering twice yearly retreats for women in the Adelaide Hills. Each Autumn and Spring you have the opportunity to be a part of these retreats to unwind, rest and deeply nourish yourself. You will come away with Ayurvedic wisdom and practices to bring into your daily life. The meals are lovingly prepared, seasonally appropriate and delicious Ayurvedic dishes. These retreats create a space for deep rest and nourishment, for cultivating Swasthya the Ayurvedic state of true health of body mind and spirit!

From some past attendees....

"A great introduction to Ayurveda. Jacq is a wealth of Knowledge on Ayurveda, Yoga and Women's Health. The venue is totally blissful and I enjoyed  being  immersed in the practices for 4 days. Thankyou!"  Naomi

"My first Living Ayurveda Retreat last October was so beneficial and enjoyable I had no hesitation in booking a place in the Autumn one. Again it has proved to be an invaluable four days filled with just the right mix of Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurvedic knowledge, wonderful company and such good food! My goal now is to attend one of Jacq's retreats at least once a year to keep myself on track and give myself this precious time out for personal nourishment and reflection."  Julienne

"I feel as though I needed to be at this retreat and have Jacq as my mentor, kind and lovely, to be nurtured and reset my body, mind and spirit in a supportive environment. I'm feeling cleansed and have had time and space to look at my 'big picture'. This is my first ever retreat and I loved it!" Sally

Ayurveda and Yoga Spring Women's Retreat November 2018

Take some time out for you with 4 Days of Yoga and Ayurveda in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.    

Spring is a wonderful time of year to re-invigorate your health as we move out of winter.

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Come back to yourself with a Living Ayurveda Retreat! 

Gift vouchers are available for consultations, massage, shirodhara and private yoga classes.

Cancellation Policies apply for all Living Ayurveda services. See Terms of Service for more information.

Fees are subject to change without notice.