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Subtle Body Wisdom for an Awesome 2018!

  • 14 Nov, 2017
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Far out! It is almost the end of 2017! It is amazing how fast this year has gone for me…perhaps for you too? How are you feeling as you approach the years end and the festive season? Have you had enough time for rest and reflection this year? Or are you feeling the drag of not enough do ..

Amalaki - The Amazing Rejuvenator

  • 07 Jul, 2017
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Hello out there! I want to share with you the wonderful benefits of Amalaki. I've known about Amalaki since I began studying Ayurveda 20 plus years ago. But only in the last year have I been experimenting with taking small regular doses of this wonder fruit, as a whole fruit dried po ..

Autumn Living with Ayurveda

  • 25 Apr, 2017
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Hi There! It seems that our seasons are shifting into later arrivals each year but I can now say with certainty that Autumn has arrived! As the colder weather becomes more constant and we dig deep into our drawers for those forgotten jumpers it is the Vata, or wind energy that in on the ..

Ayurveda for Travel

  • 20 Mar, 2017
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

I recently traveled to Melbourne and back in one day to attend an Ayurveda Conference. It was great and despite the super early start and long day I was refreshed for taking in the wonderful information at the conference and made it home without feeling too frazzled! The wisdom of Ayurveda  ..

Ghee Glorious Ghee

  • 02 Mar, 2017
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Oh ghee glorious ghee! Wait a moment..... before I start extolling the virtues of ghee let's have a look at what it is exactly! Ghee is clarified butter. This means that the butter has been cooked to separate the milk solids from the pure butter fat. This pure butter fat is the ghee!  ..

Turmeric for Boosting Progesterone Levels

  • 06 Sep, 2016
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Did you know that Turmeric can help to increase your Progesterone levels? My love affair with Turmeric continues!! Women need good levels of Progesterone to help to keep Estrogen balanced and under control. By that, I mean not increasing too much. Excess estrogen levels ha ..

Is Turmeric Really So Amazing?

  • 10 Aug, 2016
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Hi there! Many people have asked me for more information on Turmeric. Is it really as good as all the hype? Well, in my opinion….yes! It is! Turmeric is considered an alterative. This is an old fashion word for a substance that gradually restores healthy bodily  ..

Stay well this winter with Ayurveda

  • 04 Jul, 2016
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

Hi There, How is this winter affecting you? Winter can be many things to many people. Depending on your natural tendencies winter can either feel drying, or heavy and damp. Winter can be drying If you are naturally a quick, light and dry type of ..

Stay Connected this Christmas

  • 07 Dec, 2015
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

The social calendar fills up rapidly at this time of year although Christmas is, for some, not always an easy time of laughter and festivities. There can be the memories of a lost loved one or broken relationship, or the emotional strain of family coming together if there is discord. So, amidst ..

About Ayurveda

  • 30 Nov, 2015
  • Written by Jacqueline Iles

This blog post follows on from the introduction to Ayurveda on the What is Ayurveda (/about) page. Vata is composed primarily of Air and Ether and is cold, light, dry, mobile, erratic, rough and subtle. This bio-energy governs all movement in the body: breathing, talking, natural urges ..