Welcome to Living Ayurveda, where ancient wisdom meets modern day living! 

Are you searching for ways to find balance in your life, or looking for relief from uncomfortable symptoms? Living Ayurveda is here to provide you with knowledge and support on your path to lasting health.
“Ancient Ayurveda, with its understanding of life and consciousness, is not archaic or obsolete but a key to the medicine of the future.” Dr. David Frawley.



Living Ayurveda offers private consultations to address personal health concerns. I will work with you to tailor a treatment plan and lifestyle routine to bring balance and health to your life.


The wisdom of Ayurveda can help you to create health and balance in your life. My teachings cut through the terminology and technicality of Ayurveda to make it understandable for everyone in a way that can be easily integrated into daily life.  Also available is a 2 day Workshop for Yoga students and Teachers to give them the knowledge of Ayurveda that they may deepen their practice. Living Ayurveda workshops are a fun and informative way to delve into the wisdom of Ayurveda. 


A sister science to Ayurveda, Yoga and Ayurveda stem from the same Samkhya philosophy. Their wisdom and practice work well together. Knowledge of one will enhance the knowledge and benefits of the other. Or, you can learn Yoga simply because it makes you feel good!!

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I just wanted to tell you I haven’t had any hot flushes during the day for the last 3 and a bit weeks! Thank you for all your advice – it has been very helpful, easy and pleasurable to do. I’ve been doing the alternate nostril breathing every day, usually twice a day, for maybe 15 minutes and I love it. I know I am sleeping better has this has made me feel generally better. Amazing how you just don’t realize how tired you are sometimes until you feel great after a full night’s sleep.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working privately with Jacqueline for the past few months now, and really love her open hearted & passionate approach to Ayurveda as a holistic system to health & wellbeing. Her professionalism & in depth knowledge combined with a quirky sense of humour have given me confidence & greater understanding of some of the health & lifestyle challenges that I have been facing.

  • I have had two appointments with Jacqueline which I found to be a most positive, enlightening and reassuring experience and I am now much better than before I began seeing her. I have seen for myself how Ayurvedic medicine can have such a positive effect on human health and in this case mine. I thoroughly recommend her.

  • I’ve been going to Jacqueline for a few months now, and every time I go I feel better and better. She really listens to understand your situation, then, applies her knowledge to suit your needs, while devising techniques for you to take home and apply yourself. I had problems with digestion and other symptoms, which I now believe were all related. After Jacqueline listened to my story she pointed out things that might be causing me anguish. She was right, because now I’m truly on the mend after years of explaining my situation to other professionals.Thanks, Jacqueline.

    Tim Jennings
  • I really enjoyed the relaxed & friendly manner in which you presented the Ayurvedic principles, some of which I was familiar with, however you always learn something new! Your approach & easy to apply to modern life examples increased the clarity of the Ayurvedic approach for me. Your presentation was clear and informative with easy to apply practices. Look forward to learning more!

  • I wanted to let you know how grateful I feel for your passing on the wisdom of Ayurveda to us. I've been tongue scraping, oiling and doing some breathing practice every morning and have come to the end of the oil bottle! I've been feeling stronger, and sleeping better than I have for the past 5 years. This is really amazing for me and quite empowering. Thank you Jacqueline. What I learnt at your workshop is the best health/lifestyle advice I have received since my ongoing struggles with energy, emotions and digestion set in 5yrs ago. It has become my anchor and relief.

  • I found the workshop deepened my understanding of Ayurveda with practical knowledge and wisdom. Jacqueline had me engaged the whole time with her warm, nurturing and passionate teaching. I walked away feeling grounded, energized and inspired. Thank you Jacqueline!.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful and informative afternoon. Over the years I have tried to establish an early morning routine for my yoga and pranayama practice but after a time it falls away and I’m left fitting in practice at all hours of the day. This is of course not ideal. For the past few days I’ve been taking advantage of the slightly slower school holiday mornings to start my day with Dincharya and it has been delightful. I feel renewed optimism about the possibility of maintaining a morning routine

    Tracy Mohrbutter
  • Dear Jacqueline, thank you for your wonderful hormonal balance for menopause workshop. It was an amazing experience, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You gave such easy to understand information. Reminders to connect, be mindful and lovingly aware to take time to be gentle and happy with ourselves. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. Your knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle has inspired me to practice every day for a healthier and happier way of living. You glow on the inside & outside, and are a great inspiration for as all. Thank you very much. Namaste.

  • Having read a number of books and attended some workshops on Ayurveda I felt as if I was only scratching the surface without any real in depth “knowing’ of the subject. My first workshop with Jacqueline was a real “a-ha” moment – she found the right button to press and all those bits and pieces fell into place. Her understanding of Ayurveda coupled with a down to earth delivery and sharing of information make for a lively and informative few hours in her company! I’m really looking forward to the next workshop!

  • Within a few weeks of my initial consult with Jacqueline I moved from being an emotional, physical and mental exhausted wreck to genuinely beginning to reconnect with joy again, and therefore life. Jacqueline offered me small, practical, simple steps that I was able to cope with and easily implement. It was utterly incredible and I am in awe of how quickly and gracefully Jacqueline guided me from living in a disconnected state of hell to actually being able to sleep, think clearly, process information, laugh, have fun and make sense of life again. I am so grateful.

  • Jacqueline is a rare gift of a practitioner. She has utmost intelligence, warmth, passion and humour. I find her to be genuinely interested in my overall health and well being and from her I've gained invaluable insight into my body type, nutritional needs and controlling the roller-coaster of menopause. My chronic insomnia (bane of my life!) has melted away and my overall sense of well being is wonderful. I am so grateful to have access to such a qualified and competent Ayurvedic practitioner in Adelaide. It's a delight to be in her nurturing hands!

    Julienne Clark (Stepney)

What is Ayurveda

ayus = life          veda = knowledge 

Ayurveda is the Indian living tradition of health and wellbeing.  Often called the ‘Science of Life’ Ayurveda is a comprehensive system which covers anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic systems and treatment strategies.

Over 5000 years old, this ancient science is still relevant today to help find and maintain the balance in life that is required to become truly healthy. Ayurveda counsels that true health is not only physical, but is a state of wellness of the mind, body and spirit.
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Living Ayurveda

Here at Living Ayurveda, my aim is to help you find the balance and health you want in your life.  I am here to help you learn to nurture yourself, learn the wisdom of Ayurveda and cultivate good habits to bring lasting health on all levels of your being.

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Jacqueline Iles

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m glad you have dropped by! 
I started Living Ayurveda because it is my dharma, my path, to help people to be well and find balance in their lives through sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. And I love doing what I do.
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Women's Health

Through my private practice and personal experience I have developed a focus on Women’s Health and Hormonal Balance. Specifically, but not exclusively, the time leading up to menopause (peri-menopause) and menopause itself. I am also interested in the myriad of experiences women have throughout their lives and how to age gracefully with strength and health.

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